BROSE Bamberg Kader 2021 / 2022


Justin Robinson

Point Guard

Geburtstag 12.04.1995
Größe 1,73 m
Gewicht 79 kg
Nationalität USA
im Team seit 2021
letzter Verein Victoria Libertas Pesaro

Über Cebi:

Cebi Motors is part of the Cebi International Group, supplier to the automotive and household industries, and is specialized in the development and production of DC micromotors and gearmotors. Cebi Motors can develop a complete system which includes not only the motor, the gearmotor or the actuator but the electronic control unit as well. Through the development of new product and the continuous improvement of the processes, Cebi Motors will maintain its status as a leading company. Everything we do, is geared to becoming more and more competitive, but also we develop our products and processes with the target of the enviroment protection and the reduction of energy consumption. Improving products and renewing production is a must for Customer Satisfaction. Cebi Motors supplies its products to all major car manufacturers and TIER 1.